Hayward Flying Club

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the club meet?
The Hayward Flying Club holds its regular meetings on the second Thursday of odd-numbered months, at 6PM via Zoom. Prospective members and guests are welcome. Contact the Club secretary, Doug Kerr, for an invitation.
How much does it cost to become a member of the flying club?
Purchasing a membership in the club costs $15,000 plus a $50 non-refundable transfer charge. Dues are $275 per month.
What is the availability of the aircraft?
N1216M flies about 120 hours per year, so its availability is excellent.  Many of the club members fly other aircraft as well as 16M.
What is the total time on the aircraft?
As of January 2020, the total time on the aircraft was 5608 hours. Time since major overhaul: 960 hours.
How do members schedule the the aircraft?
The flying club uses Schedule Master, an automated scheduling system specifically designed for shared aircraft.  Members can access Schedule Master via the Web or by telephone.
As a member of the flying club, what is my insurance coverage?
The Flying Club's insurance policy provides $1,000,000 liability, plus hull coverage. As a Club member, you are "named insured" on the policy.
How do I become a member?
Please bring your logbook, pilot and medical certificates, a completed membership application and a recent copy of your DMV driving record to a Club meeting. Contact the Club secretary, Doug Kerr, for a membership application, or further information including club bylaws, and rules and regulations.

Page last updated: June 17, 2022